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Anupama written update 28th october episode starts Leela gets angry Anupama hasn’t come yet then Kavya tells Leela that if Anupama didn’t come for this stupid girl Pakhi then I don’t understand it. Leela says Anupama to her After going to college, Raj and Anupama enter Saha’s house. They are saying that touching her feet, Anupama ignores her and asks everyone why she is giving her such a thing again and again. are saying.

Anupama Written update 28 oct 2022

After that Bandh Raj tells something to Anupama and Anupama tells him that you should have told this to me earlier.

Anupama then tells Vanraj that Lukmane Anuj had asked her to tell after Diwali because Diwali festival should not be spoiled, there should be no problem of any kind.

After that Leela keeps on talking about Anupama going to college and Balraj repeatedly tells Hasmukh to keep quiet.

Then what happens after a while Bandh Raj apologizes to Anupama and tells her that I was scared and I didn’t mean to bother you on the first day in college.

Then what happens Anupama gets shocked and Vanraj says I will send Paki to another city to study as she gets more and more impressed.

Anupama written update today

And then in Kapadia House, Anuj tells Barkha that you keep your mouth silent till Diwali and don’t tell anything to anyone.

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After a while Alok comes and starts walking her from a distance and Ankush and Anuj are standing together and they keep talking. Anupama then says that Vanraj is going to send the rest to study and is very worried. Happening.

And then the next day, Kavya sees the rest very sad and sees them making rangoli and tells Anupama not to consider her as her enemy. After a while Anuj comes in a romantic mood and sees Anupama. He imitates Anupama and he confesses that he is in front of Diwali Vanraj.
falls in love and Anupama again starts smiling after a while and tells that in this year Anupama’s whole life changed then both Anupama and Anuj smile and make Rangoli together and then they wish Happy Diwali then after a while Anuj asks Ankush where Adhi is then Barkha tells him that Adhika has gone to meet her friends.

After that everyone goes to wish all the employees of the office to wish Diwali.

And then they give some gifts and money to the Chowkidar and Safai Karamcharis and then say their secret that all persons should get respect and praise equally but some people do not understand this then Anuj Anupama gets a fight. Dar gives a hand made bag of cloth as a gift and he is very happy and Anuj says that this is the best gift given by Anupama. Pakhi knocks on the door of Saha’s house and convinces her to come out. She sits very happily and after that he remains lying on a bench.

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