Pathan movie collection day 3

Today in this article we will discuss Pathan movie collection As all of you know that Pathan Movie is released on 25 January 2023, even though the beginning of this movie was not good, due to the “Bhagva Rang” in the song, there was a lot of discussion on this occasion, there was a lot of controversies, but all Surpassing controversies, the movie released on January 25.
And now there is a curiosity in the mind of the fans of Shahrukh Khan how much was the Pathan box office collection, Pathan movie collection, they want to know about the Pathan Movie Collection on the new website, not on Google, they want to know what was Pathan Movie Collection Day 1, what was Pathan Movie Collection Day 2, what was Pathan Movie Collection Day 3 In this blog post, we have told you how much Pathan Movie Collection was on which day and we will keep updating the information till the Pathan Movie continues to run.
We have given proper information below that how much was the Pathan movie collection on which day, so you can read the entire article below carefully.

Pathan Movie collection’s first 10 days in India

Day 157 Crores INR
Day 260+ Crores INR
Day 3approx 35 crores
Day 4Soon
Day 5Soon
Day 6Soon
Day 7Soon
Day 8Soon
Day 9Soon
Day 10Soon

Pathan movie collection day 1

On the day of the release of the Pathan movie, the audience showed great interest to watch Pathan movie and a huge crowd was seen in all theaters Pathan movie’s first day which Pathan movie collection day 1 was Rs 106 crores worldwide and 57 crores in India it is a huge amount is there and it looks like this movie will go on creating records.

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Pathan Movie Day 2 collection

Just as the audience gave love to Pathan Movie on the first day of its release, in the same way, the audience who could not watch the movie on the first day, then on January 26, there was also a holiday for the people and people showed great interest to watch the movie and Pathan Movie Day 2 collection was also very good and if we talk about its amount, then Pathan movie day 2 collection was 60+ crores and it was also a very good response, it is being told that Pathan movie can break the record of KGF 2 as well.

Pathan Movie Day 3 collection

All of you must have known the Devan Collection and Day 2 Collection of Pathan Movie, now there is curiosity in the mind of the people that how much Pathan Movie Day 3 Collection was, then let us tell you that Pathan Movie did not leave any shortcomings even in Day 3 Collection. Yes, the day 3 collection of Pathan movies is approx 35 crores and this movie is making records every day.

We have already given you a lot of information about Pathan Movie and we are giving you continuous information here too, so we will request you to tell in the comment that how many people have seen Pathan Movie and how did you like the movie. Do give your feedback and send us your name, and we will publish your name on the website for a review of this movie.

You guys must know that the main actor in Pathan movie is Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham and if we talk about the actress, then Deepika Padukone is in it, who is a very popular actress, Bollywood has a very old dress and she has shown her style in this film. Shown in the movie and many people have given love to this movie and it has been released by Yash Raj Films.

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