Seema Haider Biography, Age, Husband, Boyfriend, What is truth?

Seema Haider is a woman from Pakistan who is in a lot of controversies nowadays, Seema Haider’s age is said to be 27 years and she is a married woman, she has 4 children and she is from Karachi, Pakistan. Many peoples searching on google for- seema haider age seema haider boyfriend name seema haider ki jivani seema haider boyfriend age seema haider sachin seema age seema haider wikipedia seema haider biography seema haider father name seema haider truth sachin and seema age seema haider date of birth sima haider age seema haider brother name sachin haider age

Seema Haider Biography

In today’s article, we will tell you about Seema Haider, if you want to read Seema Haider’s biography in detail, then here you will get complete information about Seema Haider, who is Seema Haider, where she is going to live and how she lives in India. You must have known that nowadays Seema Haider is in a lot of discussions and many types of news are coming out, so here you will get information about Seema Haider.

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Who is Seema Haider, Seema Haider Instagram id pakistan

Seema Haider is a resident of Karachi, Pakistan she got married in Pakistan and her husband’s name in Pakistan is Ghulam Haider Seema Haider’s husband works outside Pakistan and did not come home for many days Seema Haider PUBG game While playing, she came in contact with Sachin Meena, a resident of Rabupura town of Greater Noida, in this way both of them got to know each other through the internet and started talking to each other online. Seema Haider told in many interviews that she went to Dubai from Pakistan and went to Dubai. She came to Nepal and secretly reached India from Nepal.

Full NameSeema Haider
Husband NameGulam Haider
Boyfrind NameSachin Meena
Childrens4 Child, 1 Boy, 3 Girils
Year of Birth1995
Age28 Years (as of 2023)
Birth PlaceKot Diji Pakistan
Father NameGhulam Raza Rind
Mother Namenot known

Seema Haider Story

After reaching India, when it came to know that a woman named Seema Haider had come to India, then her investigation started and it was found that she had come to Sachin Meena’s house in Rabupura town of Greater Noida, when Sachin Meena came to know about this. That the police is investigating them, then Sachin Meena and Seema Haider and 4 children of Seema Haider are also with them and all of them left the house and remained absconding for a day or two but after that, the police of Gautam Buddha Nagar took them into custody and they were produced in the court, after hearing in the court they were given bail by the court and this discussion again started running on the news like a love story.


Seema Haider Husband

According to Seema Haider, she loves Sachin Meena very much and she never wants to go to Pakistan, but on the other hand, Seema Haider’s husband, Ghulam Haider, with whom she was married in Pakistan, is not ready to divorce Seema Haider. Police and investigative agencies are probing whether Seema Haider has any plan.


Seema Haider Interview

Seema Haider, while giving interviews in the news several times, told that when she started talking to Sachin, when she made a plan to come to India, she sold her parents’ house for about Rs 1,200,000 and decided to come to India. Seema Haider told that He spoke to Sachin Meena for the first time in 2020.

Seema Haider Age

Seema Haider was born in the year 1995 in Court Disease district of Pakistan, according to 2023, she is going to be about 28 years old, Seema Haider speaks very good English, has been seen in many interviews but Seema Haider told in the interview that she has more Have not studied and have never studied in any good school.

Seema Haider Family

According to reports, Seema Haider’s father’s name is Ghulam Raja and her brother is in the Pakistan Army.

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Seema Haider Marriege

On February 16, 2014, Seema Haider was married to Ghulam Haider in Pakistan and after marrying Ghulam Haider, Seema had a total of 4 children, one boy and 3 girls whom Seema Haider brought with her to India.
Seema told that Sachin and Seema met for the first time in Nepal in March 2023. Sachin went to Nepal to meet Seema and there they married in a temple as per Hindu rituals and changed the names of all their children.

Seema Haider’s Boyfriend Sachin Meena

Sachin used to work at a ration shop and on 29 June 2023 both Seema Haider and Sachin Meena went to a lawyer in Bulandshahr to get married officially. When Seema showed her Pakistani passport, the lawyer called the police in this matter. After that, Sachin and Seema fled. When the police raided their rented house, they left from there too. After police investigation, they were arrested. Sachin’s family members were also arrested. Both Seema and Sachin were arrested. Was arrested and then on 6th July he got bail.


Since then, all the people from all the news channels are coming to Sachin Meena’s house in Rabupura and asking again and again, since then this whole matter is covered on the internet, what is the truth about it, what is the lie about it. Nothing has been revealed yet where it is going on and the inquiry is being done equally.

Rabupura Seema Haider and Sachin

Rabupura is a town inside Gautam Buddha Nagar district in Uttar Pradesh, it is about 35 kilometers from Greater Noida Pari Chowk and it comes under Greater Noida.

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So, friends, this is some story of Seema Haider, as much information as we have been able to get, we have tried to give information here, the complete information given here is based on the information found on the internet, how much is false in this information, how much is true, we have no idea about it. We also do not guarantee that as soon as the investigation is over, whatever will be true, it will come in front of you, how did you like the information, do tell in the comment and how do you feel after reading this story, whether it is a conspiracy or it is a true love story. You must also tell about it in the comment and share it. Thank you very much.

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