World AIDS Day 2022 theme, History, Massage, and more

World AIDS Day is observed all over the world on 1 December to raise awareness and show support for people living with HIV and those affected who have lost their lives to the disease associated with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

World AIDS Day 2022

According to the World Health Organization, according to the calculation of the year 2021, 38 million people are living their lives with HIV all over the world, in 2021, the number of HIV patients had reached about 75% of the entry retroviral therapy, although let us tell you that HIV 15% of HIV patients did not know they had HIV.

Despite being a very serious public health concern, HIV remains a global health epidemic due to many shortcomings such as division, inequality, and contempt for human rights.

World AIDS Day History

In 1988, WHO established World AIDS Day to facilitate the exchange of information between local and national authorities, international organizations and private citizens, and was inaugurated by Hanuman. People were HIV positive at that time which was going towards AIDS.
James W1 and Thomson Ector conceived the idea of ​​a day dedicated to the World AIDS Day program. They pitched their idea to the then director of the AIDS Day program, Jonathan Mann, who began the World AIDS Deco annual celebration on 1 December 1988. In the year 2017, US President Donald Trump also declared December 1 as World AIDS Day.


The theme of World AIDS Day 2022 is Equality by which UNAIDS aims to appeal to people to confront the injustices that are hindering and stopping the fight to end AIDS.


After the first incident of AIDS in the year 1981, till now more than 25 million people have died due to this disease, that is why every year World AIDS Day is dedicated to the government and people to implement more effective programs and policies to fight this disease. One of the objectives of the World Health Organization is that all the states of its members should promote the control and prevention of AIDS. People should be made aware of their medicines which help in fighting the HIV virus. helps.

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On World AIDS Day, UNAIDS joins a call to action for people living with HIV and with communities around the world; It works to deliver services to equality, rights, dignity, access to resources, and access to the best science and medicine Making stuff like this is how we can eliminate AIDS.


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